Journal Entry 2

Looking through the Grimm collection, one story that stood out to me was Briar Rose. I know this story more commonly as Sleeping Beauty, so I decided to read the Grimm version and was very surprised how much Disney changed the story. There was no evil dragon queen Maleficent, but instead a thirteenth fairy that hadn’t been invited. While the spindle prophecy was included in both, the Grimm version says that Briar Rose will be 15 when she pricks her finger, but I’m quite sure in the Disney movie she’s 16 (just a small difference, but something I noticed nonetheless). I also find it quite ridiculous that the king and queen were out her entire 15th birthday when they knew she shouldn’t be left alone that day. What responsible parent would do that?! Another difference between Grimm and Disney is that the Prince in Disney’s version had to fight Maleficent to get to Sleeping Beauty, but the prince in Grimm’s tale did not have to go through much struggle to get to Briar Rose. This is another great example of Disney changing fairy tales to make them more “exciting” and appealing to children. I’m sure I’ll see many more of these while reading the Grimm collection.

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