Deerskin Chapters 1-12

My reaction so far to Deerskin by Robin McKinley is that the novel is an interesting take on the All Fur Grimm tale that we also read for Unit 2. It’s written differently from other stories we’ve read because it is written for a more contemporary audience. When Grimm wrote All Fur it used different language as well as the story itself was much shorter. In Deerskin, McKinley expands the short fairy tale into the length of a novel, adding more dialogue and a more detailed insight to Lissar’s thoughts. This story is similar to other ones we’ve read in the sense that it still follows the typical heroine story arc and fits in the fairy tale genre.

At this point in the novel I’m unsure about how I feel about Lissar. At the beginning of the novel, she seems really pushy when asking the nursemaid to tell the story about her parents falling in love and marrying, but I do feel really bad that her mother gave her father essentially no choice but to marry his own daughter.

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