Journal Entry 4

If I woke up in a Fairy Tale, I’d probably want it to be Snow White. Out of the fairy tales I know, Snow White seems to have it the easiest. Sleeping Beauty gets raped in her sleep, Hansel and Gretel almost get eaten; something bad almost always happens in a fairy tale. While something bad does happen to Snow White, in the end she has 7 dwarves and 1 prince who love her, take care of her, and she didn’t even have to do anything except look beautiful! Also, growing up, Snow White was one of my favorite fairy tales, so maybe with my knowledge I have now, I could stop the evil Queen before she tried to kill me!


One thought on “Journal Entry 4

  1. You make a good point, Snow White definitely does have a big support system behind her! If I ever woke up in a fairy tale, I would hope to have help from talking animals or seven dwarfs. Even though she does have her own set of trials and tribulations, Snow White definitely does have it easier than others! I liked reading about Snow White in Indexing, and have enjoyed seeing the similarities between the stories throughout the semester so far! Good post!


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