Journal Entry 10

“By the end of this class, you would probably be able to survive waking up in a fairy tale. What kind of advice would you give to the next Agent or adventurer about to follow your path?”

Advice I’d give to the next Agent or adventurer about to follow my path would be “Be observant of your surroundings.” I’m a very observant person and I have a sort of photographic memory which has helped me through many obstacles in my life. In a fairy tale anything can happen, so if you are on high alert you will be able to battle anything that comes your way. I would also remind the next Agent or adventurer to make sure they have all the supplies they need for their journey. You won’t know everything you’re going to need but having the basics like matches, a knife, a blanket, some food, and a container to hold liquids such as water are essential. Basically, bring a survival kit with you.


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 10

  1. This is literally the advice that I would give too! Being observant is sooo important in fairy tales. There is so much to see in fairy tales, and so much to tell if something is going to be a trap or not.

    The supplies kit is super cool also, I never even thought of this. A kit with everything you need it in could be so helpful in a fairy tale if you were trapped somewhere with nothing that is essential around you.


  2. Hi Ellen,

    You have given future agents fantastic advice. I really liked that you gave a list of basic tools and materials that would be useful for future agents. Like you said fairy tales can take the form of anything so being prepared for anything will ensure that they are as safe as possible. Being an observant person will certainly be necessary when it comes to being in our line of work. You always have to be on the look out for an Evil Queen or Wicked Step Mothers so you can protect more innocent fairy tale characters. I wish I had a photographic memory because that would come in handy in a lot of situations. I think that future agents would be silly to dismiss your advice. Hopefully they are smart enough to take this job very seriously and always be on the lookout.


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